A new blog

October 11, 2015 ☼ update

I decided to create another simple blog based on jekyll next to my medium one. Why? let me explain.

Medium is an amazing platform for writing. That’s what works really damn good on it. But writing doesn’t equal blog. Medium is a magazine - a collection of articles and columns from individual writers. When you see a post about How to set up php’ with a big editorial picture and a ton of quotes, don’t you also think that it kind of feels… out of place?

Medium will be the place where I’ll write thought through stuff. Stuff that could go into a magazine. On jekyll (here) on the other hand, I can write anything that is somehow tech related:

… you get the drill right? And in general, if you subscribe through RSS it doesn’t really matter where the articles come from.

Now there’s just the problem that I really don’t blog much in general…

If you have any comments or feedback for me, please feel free to reach out over on Twitter @dvcrn