Happy to announce that my app for managing Fastmail Masked Emails is now available in the AppStore!

The app is available for free, but I might change it to the lowest price tier soon, to cover development cost (or maybe some hybrid one-time in-app purchase solution)

What it is and what it does

The app is a small utility for managing Masked Emails, Fastmail’s take on one-time / domain-specific emails.

The need for this app came when I had to create Masked Emails while on the go, especially on my phone, like when signing up for a new app, or needing an email for a hotel registration. Going through the web-based Fastmail app works, but was too slow for my taste.

Masked Email Manager is native and serves only that one purpose: Create and copy Masked Emails quick, with the option to disable no longer used ones.

Technical implementation

I started this app because I wanted to do something with WASM. The core is compiled from Golang into JavaScript, then executed through React Native JSC. So it’s technically a Golang program that’s powering the main logic.

Sadly after a lot of hours of debugging I came to the conclusion that WASM just isn’t feasible on React Native yet, so the Golang code is compiled to GopherJS instead.

If you’re interested in the writeup that lead to this app, check out my other post dedicated to that: https://david.coffee/react-native-wasm-golang/

Honestly I had a lot of fun building this - I learned a lot about WASM and the inner-workings of React Native. It’s been a very long time since I initially used it (fun fact: I contributed to React Native in 2016), and it made me more motivated to work on smaller app ideas.

App logo, generated by Dall E

I suck in designing things. I had a rough idea what I wanted to have, something along the lines of a email envelope, but with glasses. I could have probably copied together a couple of SVGs, but remembered that I had beta access to Dall E with some credits left so I gave using it a shot. Here are the results of my first prompt to Dall E:


I couldn’t be happier. I was immediately unblocked and had something decent looking. The image needed a few adjustments in Pixelmator to be fully usable, but I’m very happy with the result


Get the app on the AppStore and let me know what you think