I recently talked a lot about om and react native. Since people seemed quite interested in this topic, I decided to hold a little presentation at the last Tokyo iOS meetup in November.

People were a bit overwhelmed (many never saw clojurescript before) but the general feedback was quite good. I am sure I convinced at least 1 person to give it a spin!

In any way, here is my talk from that iOS meetup. Slides are available here.

This was also the first time we decided to record things so excuse the mediocore quality. I experimented by putting a external microphone on the table next to me but didn’t realise that the macbook fan blowed straight into it. Still slightly better than the in-camera mic but still room for improvements.

I for my part am very excited about clojurescript on native and super happy to be part of this still young but growing community. Clojurescript will come for you - if you want it or not. Better start learning it now! 😈