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Robot in front of a keyboard

Refactoring code with ChatGPT

Refactoring code with ChatGPT in the navigators seat

December 4, 2022 路 14 min 路 2875 words
Unisync in action

Release - Syncing app configurations with unisync

Releasing unisync - an application configuration file syncing utility

November 19, 2022 路 3 min 路 507 words
Burning coins falling from the sky

On Crypto Burnout

FTX, Celsius, BlockFi, Hodlnaut, Terra - have we hit Crypto Burnout?

November 13, 2022 路 5 min 路 1065 words
A whale flying through space

Why and how I use k8s for my personal stuff (and love it)

I am a big fan of kubernetes for personal projects. Some say it鈥檚 overkill, but here鈥檚 why I don鈥檛 think so

November 5, 2022 路 10 min 路 1920 words
My released app - Masked Email manager

App release - Masked Email Manager for Fastmail

I鈥檝e released an app built with Golang + React Native that lets you manage Fastmail Masked Emails quicker

October 19, 2022 路 2 min 路 410 words
A gopher programming

Venturing into WASM with React Native and Golang

Investigating feasibility of using Golang + WASM within a React Native app

October 15, 2022 路 13 min 路 2591 words
Envelopes and Apple

Relaying emails with Hide My Email back and forth

How Hide My Email works, and how to use it to relay addresses to specific recipients

September 24, 2022 路 4 min 路 843 words
IPv6 Test

Teaching my UniFi UDM how to IPv6

Adventures into IPv6, and getting it all working on a UniFI UDM

May 18, 2022 路 11 min 路 2141 words

My custom molded attenuating earplugs

My journey of getting a pair of custom molded earplugs made

March 28, 2022 路 5 min 路 975 words

Some tiny personal programs I've written

There was this post on HN the other day titled Some tiny personal programs I鈥檝e written that I enjoyed a lot. It resonated with me so much because I鈥檝e been pumping out smaller programs left and right for a while as well, but never thought of sharing those with the public, so let鈥檚 change that. I love hacking on mini projects. Fixing a problem with programming feels like a superpower - I can do something that other people that can鈥檛 program can鈥檛 do, and every time I find a situation where I can apply my skills to an issue, I feel happy....

March 19, 2022 路 5 min 路 899 words

Anybox: Productive little bookmark manager

Ran into this little app called Anybox the other day while I was hunting for bookmark managers to try and ended up liking this one a lot How I was doing things until now Up until now, my way to manage bookmarks was to, well鈥, just bookmark them in my browser (duh), then use Alfred Workflows like this one (or more recently, just Raycast) to give me a dialog that can fuzzy complete bookmarks by name whenever I hit CMD-CTRL-B....

March 15, 2022 路 4 min 路 690 words

How I manage my digital life in 2022 (feat. Obsidian, DEVONthink & Friends)

Today, let鈥檚 talk a little about my favorite time-sink: Productivity! I can鈥檛 even count how often I re-invented my entire information management stack on the hunt for the perfect solution. Tweaks here, tweaks there - putting some new app into the center focus and building everything around it (again). Did I find the perfect solution? Nah, I don鈥檛 think it actually exists. On the contrary, tools that give me too many customization options turned out to be a pretty bad match for a brain like mine....

February 1, 2022 路 10 min 路 2069 words